Best Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Hubby and I go on dates every week. But that can be pricey! So here’s a list of my favorite budget friendly date ideas.

  1. Ditch fancy restaurants for cheaper favorites. Hubby tried to take me to some restaurant when I was like 8 weeks pregnant for $50 steak. Listen… that’s just not my scene. I like to feel young and happy and like to order without thinking of all the other fabulous things I could have spent this money on – so I made him pack us up and take me to Local Taco so I could get 4 tacos for like $10. Yum!
  2. Ditch dinner for a dessert date. We love to go out after dinner and hit up Graeters or another ice cream joint for dessert. Really, the best part of the date is talking – we can do that whether we have dinner or not. Before pregnancy, a drink date was also possible
  3. Be ghetto like me and pack snacks to the movies. Or! The ultimate low price date – put your kids to bed and watch a movie. Pop open a bottle of wine.
  4. To save on a baby sitter, you can also trade of baby sitting with friends with kids around the same age. Or pair date night with a night when family wants to visit the kids :).
  5. Last but not least… our favorite date is window shopping at target. Idk why, I just love it and he either loves it or puts up with it because he loves me. Either way it’s bomb.

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money. Just make sure to get the dates in. They’re important!

What’s y’all favorite dates?

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