I’m pregnant.

You probably came here after seein my fb or ig announcement. Here’s some FAQ I put together to cut down on questions:

1. How far along are you? 11 weeks 4 days

2. How long have you known? Since 4 weeks

3. Was this planned? No, but I wasn’t on the pill. Just timing. We are happy

4. Have you changed your workout routine? Not really. I recently cut back on ab work as my abs are starting to separate, and since I run outside I haven’t been lately due to it being over 90 degrees. I won’t be lifting more than 70 lbs per doctors orders 🙄😂. There’s no limit on my running.

5. What about coaching? My clients and team have known for awhile. I will coach my entire pregnancy and after.

6. How have you been feeling? Nauseous, sleepy, and I have also been sick and had an allergic reaction 🙄. It hasn’t been great but I’ve felt a lot better this week.

7. Do you want a boy or girl? Preferably a girl but idc just a healthy baby

8. Do you have a birth plan? Yes. I plan to VBAC and have a VBAC friendly OB.

9. How much weight have you gained? 0 lbs. I have no idea why I look so big 🤷🏾‍♀️ but all is well and it’s not twins. I popped out early with LB also (but I had also gained like 5-10 lbs by now).

10. Whats different this time? VS My pregnancy with LB – I plan to keep my weight gain under 25 lbs (last time I gained 50+). I will also stay active the entire time.

11. What about nutrition? I won’t change that much. My OB has approved my shakeology and post workout. I am no longer drinking my preworkout. OB is not telling me to take a prenatal.

12. When are you due? 3/24/2019

13. What about your half marathon? I’m running it 11/4. OB has approved. I will be slow but I will finish.

14. What about your all expense paid cruise from coaching next spring? I have to cancel – it’s within a week of our due date. However I’ll still go to Orlando next month and me and the baby will be going to Coach Summit next summer.

15. Bottle or breast? Breast, again. I loved nursing LB. This time I won’t have to pump at work either!

16. Step family stuff? We told Alaila before she left from summer visit and let her go to the pregnancy confirmation appointment. We wanted her to get the news while she was here with us ❤️

17. How have you hidden that belly?! Baggy clothes. Old pics. Angles. It’s also a lot of bloat – it’s not as big in the AM.

More to come later, but that should cover a lot of it!

2 responses to “I’m pregnant.”

  1. Congratulations! Your due date is the day before my birthday 🙂

    Yvonne Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8.

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