Update hair routine! – Bleached hair

I realized today I haven’t posted an updated hair routine since since this post. So much has changed from back then – mainly the hair color and cut. 2 years ago I went through a ‘phase’ where I quit doing sets all the time and did wash n goes 80% of the time. It was right after my first devacut. Well, one day I realized I hated them so I went back to sets.

That day was probably the day I needed my hair shaped! Once I got my devacut in June – I knew I was ready to bring back my wash n goes for the summer. I had talked to the stylist about how I had been feeling about mine (undefined, inconsistent, weird shaped) and she let me know that she was fixing the shape (of course) but that the reason I am not seeing the definition I want and seeing so much frizz is because everytime you wash and go your curls get more used to clumping. Takes less time and is less frizzy :).

So I was like.. you know she right. Because when i did them all the time it was easy. So I am back on it. And here is my routine:


I sometimes swap out the deva curl for my trusty kinky curly. I like the hold from deva curl better (less crunch, bigger hair) right now.

Step 1 – I still wash my hair in 4 ponytail sections like shown in the previous post. I wash (one section at a time) with Not Your Mothers Blonde Moment purple shampoo. It’s to tone my hair. I get pretty orangey if I don’t use it. I use it about twice a month – on other wash days I cowash or use devacurl nopoo.

Step 2 – After I wash a section I deep condition. I’m really feeling Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Mask right now. I comb through with my wide tooth comb then denman, then twist that section and move on to the next.

Step 3 – AFter all the sections are done I go back to the first section and rinse the deep conditioner. Then I add a big glob of Deva Curl Decadence Conditioner (OR Kinky Curly Knot Today). I do this to each section.

STep 4 – Steps 1-3 are all done in the shower. For step 4 I step out. I take 1 of the 4 sections, and begin to define my curls. Basically I take a small section out of that section ,add conditioner and Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel (OR Kinky Curly Curling Custard) and I run through with the denman and then separate the curls. This process used to take me an hour before my hair shaping. Now it takes me like 20/30 mins. I didn’t lose that much hair so I’m guessing it’s from losing crap ends.

Here’s a quick video to show how that looks:

Once it’s done Sometimes I diffuse the roots.. but usually I get too lazy and I don’t. So I let air dry.

To preserve at night I wear it in a pineapple like this:

I add coconut oil in the AM and then spray with water and shake to get day 2/3 hair. Day 4 is usually wash day.

And that’s it!

Day 1 hair

Day 2 hair

More pics:

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