How to stay on track while you’re traveling

I travel a lot more than usual now that I’m free from my 9-5 (see more details here). One of the hardest things about traveling is that it gets me all off schedule fitness wise. However, I have figured out a way to not ruin all of my progress or fall off the wagon while out of town.


  1. I pack workout clothes and shoes. My gym comes with me (streaming access) so I know i’ll always have that. I also switch to a program that doesn’t require equipment for the weeks i’m out of town. Currently hubby and I have been doing Insanity Max 30 while at the beach.
  2. I pack my shakeology, and the blender. That’s self explanatory. That means I always get a good postworkout and at least 1 healthy meal a day. i also blend in some spinach for a veggie dose.
  3. We stay at Air BNB properties since we had LB. This ensures we always have a kitchen, AND saves us money. We buy groceries for breakfast and lunch so we can make quick healthy meals/snacks.
  4. I walk a lot – no matter where we go. When we go to the beach I love to walk the boardwalk or to walk on the beach. I wear a fitbit and sometimes double my step goal. I think that helps with the crazy amount of extra calories I get because of this next reason…
  5. I don’t worry about my meal plan for 1 meal a day. When we go out to eat I order whatever I want. Dessert included. I live it up on vacation! But I do try to have a veggie with every meal 😊

Please remember you’re reading this from someone who carries a little extra body fat around the middle – and that’s probably because of this idc attitude. But if you’re looking to be healthy but not necessarily shreaded… LIVE IT UP. haha.

Anywho, typically I carry a little extra bloat after a trip (dairy. I wont’ give it up. Idc) but I do not gain any weight. Sometimes I lose it just from how much more active we are!

This is just what works for me – I’d love to hear what works for you!

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