LIIFT4: Lift, HIIT, Rest, Repeat!


Beachbody Super Trainer Joel Freeman is about to release a brand new fitness program and I’m here to give you the details!! It is called LIIFT4 and is all about building lean muscle and burning a ton of calories in a short amount of time! In just 30 to 40 minutes, 4 days a week, you’ll burn what would normally take AN HOUR AND A HALF at the gym – and you don’t even have to leave your house! You know that’s my style haha. By combining weightlifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT) with a short core routine, you are going to shred and tone your body like never before.

Not only is this program going to be awesome .. it’s SHORT! Guys, I will tough through an hour workout sometimes but short workouts GIVE ME LIFE! and 3 rest days a week? In the summer? YES.

Now on to the details …

  • WHO’S IT FOR? 

Women/Men looking to sculpt and get lean, men looking to build and shred, and anyone with a baseline of fitness.


You will get a Workout Calendar as well as a Weight Progression Tracker. The program also comes with a nutrition guide to make sure you are eating the right protein, healthy fat, and carb ratios.


LIIFT4 launches on Beachbody On Demand (BOD) on October 1st, BUT YOU CAN GET VIP EARLY ACCESS NOW which will give you access to the workouts starting on July 16th!! 

31491468_251036505467266_629722212244389888_nFor those of you that take advantage of the VIP early access there is an extra little perk! You will get access to what they are calling LIIFT4 prep-week workouts. These workouts are being filmed like the latest workout program, 80 day obsession, meaning they are filmed live so they are not released all at once. The workouts will be found in the LIIFT4 section of BOD. * Remember, they cannot be accessed unless a LIIFT4 challenge pack/bundle/stand-alone is purchased *


As always, I will be hosting a support group where I will walk you through every step of the program along the way. I will be doing it right along side you, virtually of course. My group will start with a week of info on July 2nd and day 1 of actual workouts will be July 11th! Click here to get in! 

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