Don’t like to drink water? Well – eat it then.

Ok. So yal be complaining, first of all.

I hear the weirdest stuff. First I hear “Oh, I don’t wanna drink my calories!” about drinking a nutritional shake. Then I hear “Ugh I just can’t drink no more water!”

So yal don’t wanna drink calories but you also don’t wanna drink water. Ok. Whatever. You literally need water to lose body fat. The reaction that shirnks fat cells requires water to happen. Also – the signals your body send when you’re thirsty are very similar to the signals it sends when you’re hungry – so you’ll over eat if you don’t drink enough water. Your workouts will suffer. You’ll have headaches. You put yourself at risk for UTIs and kidney stones. ISSA ENTIRE MESS. So you should drink enough water. Which means 1/2 your body weight in oz of water or 100 oz a day – whichever is greater.

Anyways, I just do what I ask – so heres some foods high in water to help yals ole dehydrated behinds get that 100+ oz a day in.

  1. Cucumbers – 96.7% water
  2. Iceberg lettuce – 95.6% water. We typically stay away from iceburg in my challenges because it has like zero nutritional value – BUT it can get you some water.
  3. Celery – 95.4% water
  4. Watermelon – 91.5% water – AND delicious. It’s also a good source of antioxidants like lycopene.
  5. Strawberries – 91.0% water
  6. Grapefruit – 90.5% water

There are sooo many fruits and veggies that have 90+ % water in them. That’s one of the many reasons they’re so crucial to our diet!

If you’re still struggling making the right food choices – you should hop in my next fitness challenge. We start 7/2 with workouts (optional), meal plans, recipes and support! You can apply by clicking here.

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