Slight werk – Furniture Edition

So basically, I been wanting a desk. Like forever and a day. But I haven’t been wanting to spend the money AND I have been afraid to try anything myself.

I got over it this weekend. I quickly hit the peddlers mall and found… no desk (for the price I wanted). I did however find this cute little headboard and and side table for $20 (total, not each) and thought hmmmm… maybe I can do these for the guest room or to sell.


Anywho, got home and went back to facebook marketplace and facebook and FINALLY that next morning I found a desk. It was listed for $20 but I got it for $15. Some of the drawers needed a little work (they were missing the metal piece that stopped them from sliding back too far) but it was solid wood a sturdy and I liked the style. Other than those knobs. I knew they were going from jump.


Yes, I did forget to take a before pic once I got these home but yal know how I am. I was lucky to have these pics lol.

I wasn’t sure what to do as far as paint. We used latex enamel paint for our cabinets and it has held up good. However, I hate sanding. I know I know, but I do. Also, I wated to distress the furniture so I thought I’d give chalk paint a try. After talking to a friend (thanks Ande!) I went with the Valspar chalk paint from Lowes. I paid 29.99 for the paint and I believe 16.99 for the wax. (update – I now know I can get paint of equal quality for half the price by Rustoleum on Amazon)



I debated a lot about trying a more exciting color but since I may resell one day, I went with “her daintees” which is a step down from their brightest white. I used the satin sealing wax too.

Once it was time to start I wiped all the furniture down with a damp cloth just because they were all dirty af LOL. Then… that was it. I didn’t sand. I didn’t prime. I went straight in with coat one of the chalk paint. It was pretty similar to regular paint, just seemed thick. If I could go back in time, I would have watered it down a little bit.



I did this coat with LB. He actually did help with brushing it on. He was really excited for this project haha. I let that dry about half a day because I wanted to do the second coat after bedtime. After the first coat I knew I was going to be cutting it close with paint. That lil can? That was the only one i got. Haha. But you know I love a challenge, so I went for it. chalk paint is expensive yo. I didn’t want to buy more if I wasn’t 100% sure I needed it. Once I got done with the second coat, I knew I could have used a 3rd one. I needed more paint. But I’m no perfectionist… so I didn’t. I figured since I was going to distress it anyway it would be fine.



I let this dry about 12 hours (overnight and then some) and the next day LB and I got to distressing. I used a fine grit sanding block and just focused on the edges and corners. Some areas were difficult to sand and get the look I liked (because the edges were worn and no longer ‘sharp’) so I took a screwdriver to those. LB also helped with the sanding.



After I was done, I wiped everything down with a damp cloth to get rid of the dust and busted out the wax. Hubs helped with this step (but really just because we were tired and ready to go to bed haha he wanted to help it go fast).

Everyone told me this is the worst part of chalk paint. the wax is hard to work with, the finish is neer right, etc… But really… I didn’t think it was that bad. I didn’t want a shiny finish so I didn’t ‘buff” it to a shine. I just brushed it on there with a brush made for staining (leftover from staining our kitchen counters) and brushed it on. I followed the instructions (let it sit for 1-2 mins) and then wiped off. ..that was it. I mean, I made sure to wipe until it was all an even looking finish. But yeah.

It doesn’t feel waxy and if I hadn’t seen the wax literally building up on my hands and the rag (like at the end my hands looked like candles) I wouldn’t have believed it was actual wax.

After that step, the headboard and end table were done.


Proud aint even the world. I especially love the end table. It turned out exactly how I’d imagined.

I couldn’t finish my desk until the next day because I’d ordered hardware. I love the little cup drawer pulls – but they’re EXPENSIVE at lowes. When we did our kitchen renovation, I ordered them online for what I thought was a steal for $25ish for a set of 10. However, I wanted to keep the price of this LOW low low, and I’d already spent too much on chalk paint haha. So I found this hardware on amazon for $6.99 for a set a 10. I went for it and I’m so glad I did – AMAZING. I love it.

Anywho after eyeballing and measuring (as I stated, I’m no perfectionist) I got those on and VOILA – done!

I loveeeeee it. It’s everything I wanted, and I’m actually sitting here writing this blog right at this desk.

So lets recap on price.

Desk – $15

Chalk paint – 29.99 but used half a can – $15

Wax – used less than 1/4th the can – $4

Hardware – $6.99

total: about $40.99!! Ayeeeee – dance-

For the headboard and night stand;

HB/NS – $20

Chalk paint – 29.99 but used half a can – $15

Wax – used less than 1/4th the can – $4

Total: about $39!

Luckily we had the sanding materials already, as well as brushes. If not that would take the price up a bit – but NOT EVEN CLOSE to the $150+ particle board desks they carry at local stores.

So basically – I love it all.

Oh, and I went out searching for a chair at the peddlers mall tonight. I found one for $1 that I had to buy because hello, $1


But I also found one to go with the desk. I paid $15 for this one, but I love it. I had originally planned on finding something I would paint to match, but I’m leaving this lil baby as is. I’m just going to add a seat cushion.


Now off to find a desk lamp and some other desk necessities 🙂


5 responses to “Slight werk – Furniture Edition”

  1. This is an inspiration. !!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂


  2. Where are you finding these furniture deals?


    1. Oops – somehow missed this! I find them at flea markets, the peddlers mall or on Craigslist or fb market!


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