Work At Home Mom – 2 week Check In

Hey yal!

So Ive been MIA. I know most would expect me to actually be bloggin MORE now since I have a new laptop and no 9-5… but not yet haha. It’s January. That’s a busy month for a coach!!! Plus I’m soaking up time with my son.

Anywho … more about working at home.

It’s lit. Beezy is just now realizing that this is our forever life and he is HYPE. Like, I usually take time off when my stepdaughter is here – and she was here the week of Christmas. So he thought it was just our normal life. Then after she went back was when I started noticing changes in his behavior.

He has been so snuggly and affectionate. It’s really everything to me because yal know I’m a snuggly person too.

I think it was around Wednesday last week he looked at me and told me I was his best friend.

We been over here reading books, doing flashcards, making art, counting, spelling, going to storytime at the library, hanging out at the peddlers mall, having midday play dates…

Real talk my kid was missing out on A LOT. Story time at the library? LIT. Heck, the library period – LIT. The kids area of our library branch is bigger than the entire library in my hometown.

As my sister would say, we just been out here living our best life.

Brian is actually surprised that I’m not bored or losing my mind. But I mean, how can I be bored? This kid learns something new like every 14 seconds. He has an energy level I can only dream of obtaining.

There is some bad. If I’m not organized with some ideas of what we can do each day, I have a hard time keeping him busy and when he is bored he is sooooo ratchet LOL. But this I knew going into it so I’ve kept our schedule full. Also, he’s been having some sleep issues which I think can be solved by moving his nap a little earlier in the day and cutting it shorter.

All in all, life is golden af. I can’t believe this is my life.

I’m home with my son all day every day.

Oh if you’re wondering, here’s my schedule:

5:00: wake up, drink preworkout, work on my coaching biz (this will change next week with my new eating plan. I’ll be eating at this time and working out at 6).

5:30: workout

6:00: post workout shake, personal development, continue working biz until LB wakes up

7:30ish: snuggle LB and watch TV

8:30ish: breakfast

9:30-12: whatever our heart desires – usually going out somewhere or doing an art project

12:00: lunch time

1:00: quiet time/nap time – during this time I check my instagram, emails, checkin with my challenge group, etc

3:00 – kiddo is back up. We usually just play with legos or something hands on until around 4:00 when I start dinner. He likes to help cook

by 5:00 Brian is done with work and home. Then our afternoons go kind of as usual, but we have an extra hour without Brian having to pick LB up and commute home.

I’m happier. Bills are paid. Son is thriving. Diet/exercise is fleeky.

Life is good 🙂

I had a coaching event last weekend and need to make a post about it… maybe tomorrow.

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