Natural Hair Growth

I hear it all the time. “My hair isn’t growing!” “How do you get your hair to grow so fast?” “I hope I can get my hair that long one day”

Listen, in my opinion, there’s a huge problem in the natural hair community. And that issue is that we spend however much money being a product junkie buying the finest, most organic, natural ingredients. I mean standing in the product aisle READING THE BACK OF ISH (this is me too so i ain’t mad at ya).

And then we pull up at McDonalds for a McDouble and fries.

Listen, it doesn’t matter HOW GREAT your hair products are if you’re putting JUNK in your body. Your nutrition has a much bigger impact on your hair growth and length retention than that hair steamer or 50 minute deep conditioning session.

If you’re putting nothing but pure processed junk in your body and not meeting your nutritional needs, your hair is going to suffer and no amount of product can prevent that.

So get it together. How many servings of fruits do you eat a day? How about veggies? Are you getting all of your vitamins?

And miss me with those hair skin and nail vitamins that will have you peeing green because your body isn’t digesting the nutrients.

Need help? Sis I got you. All you gotta do is ask. Email me –

2 responses to “Natural Hair Growth”

  1. Hi. I’ve started my natural hair journey and now would love to feature women who appreciate their natural on a new blog post. Would you be interested? 😊


    1. oh hon I’m flattered! Yes definitely – shoot me an email


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