Your size doesn’t make you more or less worthy of love – a post Thanksgiving blab

In light of all the post-thanksgiving “omg I look gross I gotta get back on track” posts – I bring you this rant 😂.

First of all – the few pounds of mostly water weight you gained from thanksgiving is not “omg I’m so gross” post worthy. (See above photo – I’m extremely bloated and several inches gained and STILL cute 👌🏾)

Actually, nothing weight related is worthy of an “omg I’m gross” post.

What if I were to tell you that you don’t have to hate yourself for your weight or size?

Like seriously. There are cute (and ugly) people of ALL sizes. You can dress any body size or shape to look amazing. If you see someone who looks a mess – it’s not their weight that has them looking crazy. And even when I was bigger I could still dress up and look nice when I wanted to.

I just didn’t want to as often. Because I was stupid and spent time moping about my appearance when in half that time I could have changed it if it really bothered me.

If you want to be disappointed in something – be disappointed in the fact that you don’t work out. Be disappointed in the fact that you eat like crap and don’t cook. Be disappointed that you’re spending time crying in the mirror instead of either 1. Changing your body or 2. Buying clothes that fit and moving theeee eff on!

Be disappointed that in 1 fail swoop you’re teaching your kids that it’s ok hate themselves and have crap health habits.

Don’t be disappointed in your body. It’s surviving all the crap you’re doing. It’s amazing.

I continue on my fitness journey because I feel better when I work out and feed my body right (spiritually and physically). But when I stumble upon a pic from my thicker days??!

Be real, a pair of spanx on that tummy and the right hair style and yal don’t see nothing hit them nursing ninnies. Be honest. 😂

I was still lit! I hate that I couldn’t see that back then. I was like 45 lbs heavier there and STILL CUTEEEE. I wasted so much time wishing for a body i could be proud of again when it wasn’t my body I should have been ashamed of.

It was my crap habits. (After all that’s what made me prediabetic – not my weight). There is somebody your same size with a similar body type out there looking FAB. And don’t give me that crap about you just aren’t supposed to be that size – because your habits say different.

Next time you’re about to criticize your body – take a second to think about your habits. If you’re eating well and being active then great! If not – criticize those shit habits. Not your amazing body. It’s doing too much work (inspite of your sabotage) to deal with your verbal abuse.

You do have time. You do have energy. You can do it. All of those excuses are crap.

And as always – if you don’t know where to start just email me.

One response to “Your size doesn’t make you more or less worthy of love – a post Thanksgiving blab”

  1. Thank you! I think a lot of women need to hear this more..😊


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