I Trimmed My Ends

Alright guys – I know yal hadn’t told me – yal be tryna be nice. But my ends were THROUGH. I have known for awhile bu t last time I did my hair, I couldn’t even unravel my twists without snagging at the end of everyone. Which creates frizz. Which makes me mad af. Day 1 of a twist out I usually have beautiful coiled end. Look at these:

Some of yal will say it looks fine. It didn’t, and it didn’t FEEL fine either. Super dry and rough and I was losing a lot more hair during wash day because of the comb snagging on the ends of my hair.

I was spending a lot of time bunned up because of that haha.

My last haircut was like May 2016 during a DevaCurl hair show when I got a free cut. I loved my shape so much I didn’t want to tweak it. And I usualy do a little trim anytime I straighten my hair but I haven’t in soooooo long. I may have done a slight trim in like Nov 2016.

Yal I’m straight disrespectful and neglectful to my hair.

Aywho, I decided it was time. And considering this took me all of an extra maybe 5 mins it’s a shame I put it off so long. I followed my usual Wash Day routine and set my hair for a braidout. I think I had about 12-15 braids. Look at the ends of them – yal I was soooo over these ends by this point.

I coiled each one like usual and got to snippin. I cut off the whole ununiformed part of the coil. Basically I chopped about 1/2 to 1 inch off like I didn’t even care.

These are the remnants.

For maximum curl-poppage – I wore the braids all day wednesday in my signature 2 flat twist.

And then on thanksgiving I spent the morning transforming sweet potatoes and then transforming my hair


Literally can’t tell me that my hair ain’t lit. Looks AND feels like 1,000 x better than before the cut. Like a whole different head of hair. And it took me way less time to take my braids down because the ends weren’t difficult.

I’m hoping that it will make for a much less frustrating (and gross -i HATE shed hair in the shower) wash day next week.

I literally can’t stop touching it haha.

I know there are areas of my hair that are shorter that didn’t get clipped. I honestly really need another devacut but the nearest stylist is an hour or so away an I’m lazy. Maybe come January I’ll schedule an appointment… I’ll have a lot more time then.

If not? I’ll get a better trim during my annual hair straightening (which should have been this month but again – I’m lazy!)

How do you clip your ends?

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