Thanksgiving Fit Tips

So as yal know I take care to feed my family clean, whole, organic food. My son basically went straight from the breast to almond milk. I love teaching the kids healthy habits and doing the best I can to make sure they have everything they need to not have to learn how to eat healthy as adults.

I’m sure your wondering how I handle thanksgiving. I have a few helpful tips to help you make it through the holidays without forgetting your goals. 1. Eff

2. It

3. Up sis.

Pile that plate high. Eat a little or a lot of everything. I’m talkin pork, dairy, GMOs if need be. MY 🍑 GON F UP SOME FOOD, SIS!

I’m gon throw tf down Thursday with my family. Ain’t no healthy foods today.

One day won’t ruin your journey. Eat (or don’t eat) whatever you want.

It’s what you do before and after that’s really gon matter.

Did you really think I was gon tell you to have a vegan turkey? Dairy free Mac and Cheese? Veggie ham?

Honey you betta eat that damn food. Them other coaches gon lie to you but i won’t, boo. You betta eat that gluten. Eff it up.

And hit me up after 👌🏾

3 responses to “Thanksgiving Fit Tips”

  1. ❤️ this!! Life is short, Thanksgiving is for enjoying for sure! Have a delicious holiday 😉.


    1. Amen! I work hard 95% of the year. This 5% is mine. LOL!!

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  2. That was not what I was expecting, but glad to hear you plan to enjoy your meal… I do too…You are a mess


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