Natural Hair and Working Out

So I’ve been getting TONS of questions on how I manage my hair with working out basically every morning. This post will be disappointing for yal because truth is – I don’t do much.

But now that i think of it – there are some things I do that make it easier for my hair to keep on flourishing. Here’s a real quick list.

  1. I wash my hair about once a week, set for a style (usually twist or braid out) and leave those twists/braids in for an entire day. I find that makes my set more defined and able to stand up to more humidity/wind/workouts etc.
  2. I don’t twist or braid tightly at the roots for my sets. So the roots of my hair are never super defined anyway – and it’s hard to notice a difference after a workout.
  3. After washing my hair and after every shower (when I’m acting right – honestly a lot of times I’m not) I seal my hair with coconut oil.
  4. When I’m working out I wear my hair in a bun or puff. After my workout I drink my shake and prep my food for the day. By that time my hair is dry. Then I shower (of course not getting my hair wet but I don’t wear a cap and I’m not afraid of humidity). When I take my hair down from the bun after the shower it looks like it was never up there.

I don’t really sweat much in my scalp so this works for me. I do know some ladies who DO though, and they swear by wearing their hair up and a bandanna over it to soak up the moisture.

No matter what happens – I’d rather have crazy looking hair than be unhealthy and unhappy with my body. If given the choice, I’d work out even if my hair was a hot mess daily. It’s not that important to me <3.

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