My baby can run! – Stephanie’s half marathon

My sister and I are pretty close. We are 3 years apart and basically both crazy. So she gets me. I can tell her something weird I’m thinking or feeling and she gets it. I don’t have to explain. I don’t have to try to make it sound less crazy or less weird. She just gets me.

Ain’t she cute? I just love her.

I would dead jump in your fight. I WOULD DEAD JUMP IN YOUR FIGHT now what’s poppin?! 😂😂😂

Anywho, my sister has struggled with her weight her whole life. I’m older than her and I always remember her being a little ‘tubby’ (what we used to call it). Once college hit it got pretty ‘bad’. I never noticed it until she started losing the weight. She blames me for not letting her know she didn’t have a neck. Who knew! LOL

She started working out and counting macros about 14 months ago (yes I assign macros. I’m a macro magician – hit me up for details). Macro counting is a type of flexible dieting where you can eat whatever you want, as long as you eat your target amount of protein, carbs and fat each day. At first she started with workouts hubby suggested, then moved on to running.

Guys. This girl like Forest Gump. She just… kept… running. 14 months and 80 lbs later – today she ran her first half maraton. In 2 hours and 11 mins. She KILLED IT YO. I mean, she’s Cardio B. I can’t even run a 5 k and she’s running THIRTEEN MILES yo.

Her story is amazing. She is strong mentally and physically. Her endurance level with her running is a direct correlation to her mental endurance for all that life has thrown at her. As a big sister all I’ve ever wanted was to protect her from everyone and everything, and I couldn’t. But it didn’t matter, because she has fought off any obstacle that has come her way.

I’ve never been as proud as I was when I saw her running down that final stretch. I still have chills yal.

She is a direct testament of turning her “I can’ts” into “I can’t believe I did that!”. And she deserves all typa applause today.

I’ve been her coach. But I’m proud as a sister. She did all the work. Anything I suggested, she ran with.

I hope she knows how much she has given me in life by being my sister. How much she has helped make me who I am. I hope she knows that I love her unconditionally and always will.

My sister battles anxiety, depression and self doubt. And here she is. Take your excuses and shove it. Because in my family? Excuses don’t live here no mo.

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