Natural hair poppin for the low

Listen. I’m a bad natural. I still use silicones. I wash with a sulfate shampoo like 2x a month. I don’t finger detangle. I don’t prepoo. I ain’t right.

But I can get my hair poppin for like a month for under $20. And though I LOVE some of the pricey, healthier lines (kinky curly, deva curl to name my faves) – I used to be a college student. And ima forever be cheap. Scouts honor.

So here’s a few of my favorite cheap hair products that do awesome on my hair. They ain’t organic. But they’ll have you poppin.

1. Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle

I ain’t found a deep conditioner better than this. Like ever. And it costs less than $3 – WITHOUT a sale. I’ve copped these 2 for $4 before. And I use it weekly.

I’ve never had anything give my hair the amount of slip for detangling or the amount of shine. Sometimes I leave a little in when I rinse out – it acts great as a leave in for braid and twist outs.

2. Any of the organics line shampoos or conditioners

I use their shampoo (scalp only) about 2 x a month. And I use their conditioner as a leave in occasionally. It gives me shine and helps clump curls. Also – when used sparingly it plays well with most gels/puddings. On a good day you can find them under $5.

3. Ecostyler gel

I ain’t gon lie I ain’t tried the olive oil because I still have tons left of the regular gel. I don’t use it often but it can slick a ponytail like nobodies business. Back in the day I also used for wash and goes. I try to avoid now because I’ve been taught gel is Satan – but ya know – my hair still flourished back when I was 🤷🏾‍♀️. Less than $4 for a big container.

4. Gud products

This is the priciest of the list but I can usually score conditioner for under $10. They’re silicone free and if I remember right – the shampoo is sulfate free. The line is by Burt’s Bees and it’s lit. The conditioner makes your hair feel like “surely this has silicones?!”

But it don’t.

5. Don’t forget oils!

Sis. Go to the food aisle. Coconut oil. Go to pharmaceuticals. Castor oil. Cheap, last forever, and so necessary.

I’m a firm believer that we don’t have to do extensive routines or spend millions for our hair to look good and be healthy.

Yes – organic is better. But if you’re ballin on a budget like I’ve been in the past – try these!

For higher dollar brands – don’t forget to check Tj Maxx and Marshall’s! I get my fave braid out/twist our leave in (Giovanni direct leave in) there for about 40% off.

Got your own favorite cheapies? Drop them in the comments 😊❤️

3 responses to “Natural hair poppin for the low”

  1. Your opening sentences have me cracking up! lol I cant lie though…I miss using Aussie 3 minute. THAT STUFF IS AMAZZZIIINNGGG!


  2. The ecostyler gel olive oil is great. That’s the only gel i use for my hair


  3. Girllll the day my hair reach that volume and lenght that’s it! I will be out here feeling myself 😅. My hair is kinda long but the skrinkage won’t let me be great at all 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

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