3-strand Twist Out

Aight so basically the rain got all up on my twist and curl. I mean it beat my curls DOWN.

I was already bunning by day 3.

And I’ve been trying to stop being basic with my hair (it was a failed New Years resolution 😂). So I thought I’d do something different. I hardly ever mess with my hair other than on wash days. But today I dug up my spray bottle and went to work

Sprayed down with water until it was wet enough for my curls to start poppin. Then I added a bit of Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner and brushed out the tangles with my denman. After that I added a bit of eco styler and split into 3 seconds to do 3 strand twists.

Don’t know how to do twists? Here’s a little video. Idk how to explain it other than instead of crossing in the middle (like you do with a braid) pretend that you’re wrapping the hair around a stick or something. Idk haha just watch.

] ] There’s other way better tutorials on YouTube.

As fate would have it, my twists were still damp this morning. Clearly Satan was at work. But it’s cool – I took down and just didn’t separate much. This is how it turned out in the AM.

Not bad considering how frizzy it was yesterday.


Update –

Got to fluff at lunch time 💃🏾

2 responses to “3-strand Twist Out”

  1. Your hair is so healthy & full!!


    1. Thank you so much 😊😊


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