Wash routine and twist and curl (video at the end)

Wash routine and twist and curl (video at the end)

So I’m pretty amazing for the fact that that my hair is approaching waist length and I can still get my wash day done in 30 minutes flat.

It didn’t use to be like that. I use to dread wash day even more than I do now back when my hair was this length before (check my about me – in 2013 I cut my bra strap length hair to a taper for a year). I would hop in the shower with my hair loose and wash it all piled up on my head. Then I would condition, rinse it out, and get out the shower and wrap my head in a towel. Then try to part and section and section and detangle.

Sis. No. Don’t do it. Once your past shoulder length – for the love of all that is holy SECTION YOUR HAIR TO WASH. Don’t be like me. Mistakes were made early on.

Anywho now when I get ready to wash – I section my hair into 4 parts and put it in little buns


I give zip zero fs about the parts because they ain’t gon last.

Next I hop in the shower like I have 4 different heads of hair. I take down 1 bun, rinse, wash (scalp only), rinse, apply deep conditioner, detangle (wide tooth comb followed by modified denman) and put it in a braid. I repeat this process for all 4 sections.


Then I go back in the same order (still in the shower) – rinse – take the braid down and apply leave in and a little gel. I section into 3-5 sections to twist or braid. Today I am doing a twist and curl so I did 3 twists in each section. This is a really quick process – when I’m done I look like this

Yal I’m blind as a bat tryna take these pictures 😂😂😂😂.

Anywho. This was at like 4 pm so I left these in for about 4 hours before I rolled the ends. Then I was like BOOM

To combat shrinkage my friend Ebony told me she pins her twists to the opposite side of her head. It sounded like a good idea so I tried it.

Cute right? I’m kidding 😂😂😂 even my overly confident self can’t tell that lie.

Anywho here’s how I slept


Here’s what the outcome was

And if you got tired of reading and wanted to just see a video -I’ll have one uploaded in a few hours

😘 ✌🏾

Edit – here’s the video!

9 responses to “Wash routine and twist and curl (video at the end)”

  1. Omgosh I love the length and fullness of your hair! I don’t think my genetics would ever allow that to happen to me. And you’re Wonder Woman accomplishing a full wash in 30 mins lol


    • Thank you! Haha girl I have way too much hair for my head. But yes I do make it happen quickly!
      I got the video up just now. And, my hair has grown substantially since this AM on this rainy day haha.


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