My Denman Brush and Wide-tooth Comb

So if you read my braid out and other hair blog posts, you know that I use a modified denman brush. Its something I learned at random about 6-7 years ago. I purchased a denman d4 brush from Sally’s. It’s expensive af yal. Well, not expensive af but way more than I was prepared to pay for a brush. Not sure pricing now but it was like $12 back then. You can order online too. This is what it looks like when you buy:

So listen, the brush is fire. With moisturized hair it clumps your curls in ways I’ve never eeen. Totally amazing. But those amount of teeth don’t work on hair like mine. These aren’t made for us, sis. And I think there are brushes by denman with less teeth but ain’t nobody got time to pay more or search for them when these at Sally’s.

So here’s what you do. Take that brush, sis and pop some teeth out.

Here’s how – a pictorial by Tarra Yvette 😂

he whole red part of this brush can slide up and out of the base

lip that bad boy over and you can see how the teeth are inserted. I did mine so long ago I don’t even know where the teeth I removed are 😂😂 And there you have it. A modified denman brush. I use a wide tooth comb then follow up with this for wash days. Yes, I know finger combing is better. But I have texture issues with wet shed hair – just grossed me out. So this is what I do 😂

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