Mini Twists

Alright – anyone who knows me knows I’m lazy af with my hair most of the time. But I still want to be cute! When I’m in a definite rutt – mintwists are my go to. My last set lasted me 4 weeks!

I sometimes do these on blow dried hair – but this set I did on wet hair. It’s kind of a choice – either you get length or you get thick luscious twists. Hard to get both. I chose the body this time.

I used my go-to Giovanni direct leave in with Deva Curl Ultra defining gel. This was on freshly washed hair (with shampoo not just cowashed since I knew they’d stay in for awhile).

For maintenance I slept with my hair in a bonnet and applied coconut oil occasionally. I did not wash the entire 4 weeks these were in. For styling – I did a couple of my go-to updos.

This style looks more complicated than it is but it’s just 2 large flat twists. Sometimes I leave them down like pig tails and sometimes I pin them up in the back.

And for this one above I rolled the back up in a large flat twist and did a pompadour in the front. It was really impromptu.

And as always – hair jewelry is a major key 👌🏾

For this style I just pinned them all over to one side.

If any of these styles interest you let me know! I can try to do some tutorials the next time I have a set in 😘

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