Leadership Retreat?!?! (Pic heavy! Haha)

So you may or may not know – I am on the top team that Beachbody has. And because of that, when I hit a milestone in my business I got invited to this boss-a** retreat in Orlando!!

Like, look at me and my home girl/coach Maria. Look at this bomb kitchen!!

We were legit in a mansion. And there were 3 mansions all equally beautiful rented for this event. So when they asked me to go you know my behind was like

But it’s hard, yo. I’m a homebody and I don’t go NOWHERE. I stay home with my baby and if I do go somewhere – he goes with me. So I was crying like a baby when I left my boy

Honestly though. I needed this for me. I deserve this. I deserved to see my hard work paying off. So I went. And omg I’m glad I did. I can’t even put into words how much it energizes me to be with my team. They’re such amazing women! And the training we get is INVALUABLE like for real. They encourage me in ways that I’ve never felt. In fact if it wasn’t for this retreat – you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I’d still be at home convincing myself that I was too damn busy to launch it. And that I wouldn’t have good enough content. So blame this bunch of women for making me feel like I am sooooo poppin at all times.

Before tons of pics – let me run down what all we did!

– training with some of the best in the company! Everything from finances to creating a LLC to Instagram. Everything.

– ate tons of delicious food prepped by some of the coaches husbands. How nice is he to agree to cook for like 70 women for 4 days! 😂

– did group workouts with live instructors in the mornings.

– got hair and make up professionally done to get individual and group pics with the photographer

– we worked together – from our phones, from our laptops, beside the pool – ANYWHERE.

– ice cream socials and cookies.

– Olympics! Ending in a tug of war tie breaker

– and of course we all exchanged ideas and what has and has not worked for us in our business.

– hung out by the pool

– discussed group and business ideas

I don’t have my professional pics back yet – but enjoy some of these iPhone pics for now 😂😂

Here’s some from my photo shoot that Maria and Misti took with my phone 😂😂😂.

I love these ladies are – like all of them. But here are my two main ladies

isten to me complain and occasionally doubt myself. They take endless pics of me so I can pick the best ones. We run groups together. They read my ramblings in the group text. ANY client of mine has probably interacted with Maria and Misti in groups. They’re bomb.

Basically the whole trip was lit. I ain’t all for flights but I made it do what it do because that’s coach life. I’m still trying to digest the fact that I was invited! And I got to get some bomb professional pics. Yal – you know how long it’s been since I had any pic that wasn’t a selfie?! 😂😂😂.

And I got my make up professionally done!! I don’t even WEAR make up.

Guys. I’m not used to this kinda stuff. I’m not. I don’t hardly know how to act in these big houses with these free trips. Idk how to respond when people ask me for my input on their business. It’s all a shock to me. Because no one believed in me – and honestly I wasn’t even sure this was real. But it is SO REAL!

The truth is I am ROCKING this. It’s possible. You can do it, you can make money with it, you can change LIVES. All you have to do is do it.

Stop doubting yourself and do it.

…no seriously. I am building a team and looking for women who are motivated, sincere, goal getters to make this ish work for them. Training is provided – you know I got you.

Can I just be real? If you’re looking at this blog for hair and fitness – you probably look like me. And women who look like me don’t often coach. And it is totally crazy that we are missing out on so much opportunity!!

Why? Because the world says that’s not our place?

If you’re interested – click that good ole “contact me”. Or – check out my Coach Apprenticeship thats running next week.

I’d love to add more ladies to this trip (and so many others) next year. Ain’t nothing to it but to do it. I can’t guarantee you any amount of money – but I can show you exactly how much I’ve made this work for me.

Ain’t nothin to it but to do it

PS – still happy to be home ❤️

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