Coach Apprenticeship

I am so excited to announce my first ever Coach Apprenticeship!

If you’ve thinking about joining or considered what it could do for you then I have a week-long trial to help you decide if you are made for coach life!

Here’s who I’m looking for

⭐️ Hood girls lookin back at it

⭐️ Good girls in my tax bracket

😂😂😂 Jkjk – seriously though!

⭐️ women who are tired of making excuses and ready to have the body they want – and help others get there too!

⭐️ ladies who are TIRED of working their ASS off for someone else to get rich

⭐️ the girl who LOVES food but appreciates proper nutrition

⭐️ the mom/wife who is longing for flexibility in her career

⭐️ ladies who are hard workers, self-starters and not afraid to stand up and be HBIC

⭐️ women looking to make some extra cash and have breathing room in their budget to spend a little something on themselves

Basically, I’m looking for women who’d love to be in control of their own future. Ladies who are ready to transform from worker to boss and make money moves 💃🏾

Here’s how it works:

• Everything will take place in a private Facebook group!

• You will subscribe to the FREE trial of Beachbody On Demand! I have selected my favorite workouts from various programs and will provide you with a calendar to follow Monday-Sunday!

• Each day you’ll do your workout, then snap a sweaty selfie for accountability, and post it in our private group! This is where the support and community come into play!

• All the while, my business partners and I will be providing daily trainings on social media to help you dip your toe in the water and get comfortable sharing your journey!

• At the end, you can decide if coaching is for you! If so, we’ll convert your free trial into an actual membership, enroll you in my New Coach Academy, welcome you to our team, and hit the ground running!

You have nothing to lose and whole LOT you can gain by joining us in this 7 day adventure!

Coaching has changed  my life and it’s way past time to pay it forward and share with other women! I know what it has done for my family and I’d love to show you what it can do for yours!

If you’d like to join my FREE Coach Apprenticeship, please complete these steps:

1. Subscribe to the free trial of Beachbody On Demand. You will be required to enter a credit card, but will NOT be charged until your trial expires. I will give you directions for cancelling or upgrading before then!

Select the 3 month option because that one comes with the 14 day free trial.

2. Complete this application so I know your goals! Make sure to let me know financial and physical goals.

3. Then request to join our private apprenticeship group here! If you have any questions, please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you and can NOT wait to share with you how I went from basic to boss. 😘

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