Bomb braid out

Yal I was sooo stressed before this trip to Orlando (more on that later). I was getting professional pics for the first time since basically my sr year of high school. And there were hair and make up stylists available but I mean come on. Some random person to do my hair?

I know better.

So anywho I decided to try a braid out. My wash and goes have been iffy af lately (probably because I need a trim and don’t condition like I should). And my twist outs shrink more than I’d like. So I thought I’d try a braid out.

Braidouts were my go-to style in 2010 before I chopped. I mean I was ALWAYS in a braid out. See:

So I went for it.

I washed with Organics coconut oil shampoo. I only wash my roots yal, these ends have enough stress in their life. (I also wash with my hair in 4 sections. I section before getting in the shower). I wash each section and add tons of Aussie moist 3 minutes miracle deep conditioner. It’s cheap and never fails even though it does have cones and is not natural. I detangled with a wide tooth comb then followed up with my denman(modified to remove every other row of teeth… more on that later too). I braid each section when I’m done.

After I’m through all my sections I rinse most of the conditioner out and add a little Giovanni direct leave in conditioner. Then I braid into 4ish braids (each section). Ends up like this:

I slept in a bonnet and the next day I was off to the airport. Because pics were Friday and my flight was Thursday I didn’t want to risk falling victim to humidity or some ish – I wore these braids all day Thursday. No, I didn’t pull Ms. Celie – I put them in 2 flat twists so I could still be poppin. Observe:

And yes I know – I’m cute af.

I took them down to sleep to avoid weird creases.

Anywho fast forward to Friday am. After make up I took my braids down. And I was poppinnnnn

I fluffed and Flipped some more before pic time. You’ll have to wait for the pro pics to see the full result. But just know ya girl was lit. And I got the definition and length I’ve been wanting.

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