3 Day Quick Fix

Sooooo I don’t act right. A little background – I’m sensitive to dairy but I also love dairy. And when I found out about professional pics in Orlando I was like oh shiiii. I knew I needed to get my ish together. Like legit look how bloated I was.

That’s not how my body looks when I don’t eat dairy and get painfully bloated.

But it is what it is. Yal know I’m all Beachbody all the time and earlier in the summer I did a round of 21 day fix ending off with the 3 day quick fix meal plan. Lovedddd those results.

Here’s the thing though. I couldn’t have my shakeology and breakfast was 8 egg whites and a cup of steel cut oats. Oh, no salt or sugar.

Listen. No. Life is hard enough.

So I modified the meal plan to have shakeology with spinach blended in water for breakfast.

That made the experience soooo much better. And my results were poppin.

As for day 3 pic? I was actually headed out on a plane and didn’t get to snap one. But you’ll be able to see how bomb I look when I get my pics.

I feel like the results were just as awesome as last time but without gagging on steel cut oats every morning. I’m a black woman in America with an afro. Ain’t no need to make life any harder.

Here were my results from May. I was getting ready for our 5th anniversary beach trip.

Interested in this plan? Hit me up, sis. I do suggest the shakeo version though because them egg whites with no salt? Naw.

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