How do you make money online?

This was another question from my instastory Q&A earlier this week that I thought would be better as a blog. I get DMs with this question all the time, and I do answer to the best of my ability – but I wanted to spell it all out. I’m no expert but I don’t mind to share what I know 🙂

You can make money online. If you spend more than 3-4 hours on social media – there should be something in it for you financially. And there probably can be. There are 3 main ways to make money online – and most people combine these or progress from 1 method to another. I’ll go in the order of how I have progressed. Continue reading “How do you make money online?”

Baby Registry Essentials

Hey yal!

Earlier this week on my instastories I asked what you guys wanted to hear more about. This request was one I thought would go better as a blog – so I could refer back to it since this question comes up a lot.

Also…. for me if we ever decide to have another baby because after a couple years you TOTALLY forget.

DISCLAIMER: this post has affiliate links. I get paid a lil sumn-sumn if you buy through my amazon links. That money goes towards the upkeep of the blog.

Baby registries are overwhelming. First of all, EVERYONE has them. My favorite place to shop is amazon because I hate to leave my home haha so I suggest the Amazon Baby Registry.

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You use breastmilk for WHAT?

Even though nursing is crazy hard at first and takes up a ton of time (I’m 20 mins into a nursing session as I type) it has a ton of perks. On top of being convenient and honestly having a nutritional content that formula hasn’t been able to match, there are other uses for your milk too!

Here are a few I use:

– Eye Drops. Not as much with Viv, but LB got pinkeye often as a baby and a quick squirt of breastmilk saved us a trip to the doctor everytime.

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Yall, it has been like over 90 degrees in Kentucky for the majority of this “fools fall” we have experienced. I’m OVER IT. And I love summer, but at a certain point it is just TOO HOT for too long. I’ve been saving fall clothes to my amazon shopping list for so long, it’s finally time we get some weather to try out fall fashion haha.

I thought i’d share a few pics of how I’ve been dressing since 1. the big closet cleanout and 2. the weather cooled down.

I tagged sources of what I could remember, but basically I’m just happy to be finding a style that works for me. Check my amazon storefront for cheap stylish finds!

Benedetta D sweater, American Eagle shorts


Shirt and pants from Fashion Nova, pumps Forever 21
Sweater – Michael Kors. Jeans – American Eagle

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Weightloss while nursing

A lot of Ig followers have asked me about losing weight while breastfeeding. Honestly it’s been pretty slow paced for me and I’m ok with that. My prepregnancy weight was around 125 lbs and I’m back to that now. However, a month ago I was around 132/135 lbs. I got down to this point with my at home workouts (contact me for details)

The last 10 lbs while nursing are always the hardest for me. Continue reading “Weightloss while nursing”


MI’ve been meditating lately, daily. It’s helped me a lot with my anxiety. I’ve said it before on social media – my brain is like a windows 97 computer. Sometimes it freezes or glitches just needs unplugged for a bit and restarted.

I started this when I was practicing for Vivian’s birth. Hypnobirthing uses meditation as a pain relief technique and it definitely works. I have a whole playlist of meditations for expecting mommas. (My favorites were this one and this one) I practiced every single night until Viv was born, and then quit cold turkey. No wonder I was so stressed! 🤣

Sometimes I meditate in silence but usually I do guided meditations. Basically someone calmly telling me what to focus on and helping me relax. I find these on YouTube, and I thought I’d share some of my current favorites. Continue reading “Meditating”

Training for a half marathon when you procrastinate

As you guys know, I was half marathon training last year (6 months in) when I was surprised to find out I was carrying Viv 😊.

I still ran the race but not how i wanted 😆. My focus was on keeping Viv safe and helping my sister finish, so I finished in over 3 hours. Not bad for a pregnant woman who was never very fast anyway 😂 but I was aiming for 2:30 or less before I got pregnant.

So this year I’m training for that same ole Marshall marathon. Problem? I couldn’t really start training until LB started school. This summer was too hectic and early in the summer my pelvis and core still felt funny from Vivian’s birth.

That left me with only 9 weeks to train for the Marshall Marathon. Continue reading “Training for a half marathon when you procrastinate”

Why I switched from pocket diapers to covers and prefolds (or inserts)

If you arent familiar with types of cloth diapering systems read this first.

If you’ve been following my cloth diaper journey with Viv – you know I have too many diapers 😂. I fell in love with having lots of prints and colors and I loved the simplicity of pocket diapers. Once they’re stuffed and set up, they look like a disposable. It’s easy.

In fact I loved them so much that I sold Continue reading “Why I switched from pocket diapers to covers and prefolds (or inserts)”

Amazon shop and new PJs!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I started my amazon storefront! Check it out for all my best amazon finds. I update daily because I shop too much 😂

Also I wanted to show you these awesome matching organic cotton the kids got from New Jammies. Make sure to grab some for your Little’s too!

PS: LB was in a bike wreck. He looks way worse than he feels – he’s back to his normal self just caked in neosporan and aquaphor at all times ❤️

Updates and still nesting – Closet Clean Out!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Been working on a few things for the gym (follow us @csswellness) including a new website.

Anywho – what’s new?

LB started 5 (half) day a week preschool AND soccer. And even though Vivian is still always with me – it gives me a lot more free time. In that time I’ve done A LOT of decluttering. Honestly clutter gives me even MORE anxiety than I normally have and I hate not being able to find what I need because I’m too busy looking through junk I DONT need.

I’ve done our kitchen cabinets, shoe closet, and most recently – my clothes/closet.

Guys. I didn’t take before pics but I had SO many clothes. I probably consigned 40 pairs of jeans, 30 dresses, 70 shirts. all stuff I hadn’t worn in years. Not even fashionable stuff honestly.

I had purses so old that I found this in one

Seriously. That ID is from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

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