Pink Blush Maternity Review and Bump Dressing Tips

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a couple of free dresses from Pink Blush Maternity Clothes. I wasn’t expecting much – because maternity clothes just don’t fit me right usually. I always feel like I look like I’m just wearing oversized clothes. But omg, I was so wrong. I got to pick my own items, so I headed straight over to the dresses section and picked two. Check out these dresses:


Not only do they fit perfect – they’re comfortable and have growing room. I’m sure I could wear these up to 40 weeks – the midsection has a lot of give without ever looking stretched out. Also – it’s comfy material. My skin is super sensitive where it’s so stretched, but I didn’t feel itchy or irritated in these AT ALL.

I give them a billion thumbs way way up for allowing me to look sexy and feminine while pregnant because I know it can’t be easy to design maternity clothes that work.

Some people have asked me my tips on styling my bumps – here are my rules:

  1. Comfy. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough – my clothes have to be COMFORTABLE.
  2. Attractive. I still want to look attractive/sexy like I did before I got pregnant. I don’t want pregnancy to turn me into a prude or change my style.
  3. I don’t like when my boobs and bump blend together making me look like one big mass LOL. I like separation so you can see where my breasts stop and my bump start. That’s why I often wear a belt above my bump – however with these dresses from Pink Blush I definitely didn’t have to. The fit is perfect. I added the belt just for fun.
  4. I try to jazz everything up with accessories. Scarves, necklaces, jackets, boots. I’m in love with all thigh high boots lately.
  5. I concentrate on fit AND colors that make my glow (even more than pregnancy does haha). I like bright flashy colors.
  6. Dress for your new shape! I am typically not a very curvy woman. So with the bump and extra boobs, I’ve been playing with different styles and fits that wouldn’t normally work on my body type.

That’s basically it!

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Annual straight hair adventures

So it’s that time of year again. I straightened my hair!

It took me an hour and 10 mins to blow dry and straighten. I’m pregnant and tired so I used bigger sections than last year. I feel like last year it was silkier but that’s ok. Tons of pics behind the cut

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Labor playlists!

If you know anything about me – it’s that I’m all about music. I never get tired of it and could listen all day long. So since I’ve found out we were having a baby – I have been on it as far as planning some labor playlists. I have two – one with upbeat songs and one with relaxing songs. Based off of my moods during labor with LB – this is what I’ll need haha.

I wanted to share what I have so far – but no judgement. Yal know I’m a ratchet.

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Maternity fashion – 31 weeks

Updating my maternity fashion! For past weeks click here and here

Basically still avoiding maternity jeans by buying skinny jeans a size up and using a belly band. I also wear a lot of leggings.

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Favorite shake recipes!

My shake has been a LIFE SAVER this entire pregnancy. When I was nauseous in first trimester – this was 1 healthy meal i could always stomach. It also keeps me from having to take prenatal vitamins and helps a lot with the tummy troubles I have during pregnancy (aka constipation lol). However – I’m no doctor so please do like I do and consult with your OB or midwife before starting any supplements while pregnant.

I’m usually a plain shake girl. In fact most days you can catch me shaking up a chocolate shake in some almond milk or a strawberry shake in water and orange juice. But on those days I have time and want a treat – these are my top 3 recipes 😋.

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Cloth diaper stash

Who wants to take a peek inside my cloth diaper stash??

This is my first go round with cloth diapers. I wanted to cloth diaper when I was pregnant with LB, but with daycare being a factor and just my overall fear of being a first time mom – I decided not to. This time around I decided to go for it! I get to be home with this baby due to my coaching biz. Plus I believe in the benefits of cloth diapering. Which include:

  1. SAVINGS. The average family spends about $2400 on disposable diapers from birth to potty training. I personally have spent less than $100 on my cloth diaper stash (I’m crazy thrifty and have been gifted plenty).
  2. Theyre ADORABLE. I mean really. Look how cute they are.
  3. Cloth diapered babies tend to potty train sooner (they are more aware of when they are wet).
  4. Less chemicals. Disposable diapers even SMELL like chemicals to me. Unless you buy the more expensive organic brands, when brings me back to #1.

Idc that I have to wash poop or even touch it. I’m a mom. It’s gonna happen. So anyways – my stash!

I knew I wanted mostly AIO and pocket diapers. These do cost more but they’re also so cute and easier to put on. I was also told to get a bunch of different brands and see what I like once she’s here – so I did. I also built a newborn cloth diaper stash (mostly gifts). Some moms opt to use flats/prefolds (more old fashion style cloth diapers) or disposables until babies can fit into one sized diapers (typically around 8-9 lbs). Newborn diapers typically fit 5-12 lbs.

Enough blabbing. Here’s the goods!:

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